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Canyon Plateaux - Plain - Modular Terrain Tiles

Canyon Plateaux - Plain - Modular Terrain Tiles

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Canyon Plateaux - Modular Terrain Tiles
Each tile is 151mm x 151mm (6" x 6") and is cast in high detail resin.

The Modualr Terrain Tiles come in sets of each terrain type with a variety of types to represent different levels of terrain.

Supplied unpainted.

The Canyon Plateaux come in a few options, open ground whch still has some detail in the landscape, rough terrain which has more raised areas for troops to struggle around and across with some small areas for a model to stand upon and scout. There are also small hills which are wide flat raised plateaus, the tiles for small hills A and B are intended to go together to form a larger raised area. They can be combined with any of our other Modualr terrain tiles to create a larger and more varied gaming table. You don't even have to paint them to look like canyons, but instead you could paint them as rocks and grass etc to fit better with your other terrain.


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