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Apothecary Market Stall - Stone Wall - EZ

Apothecary Market Stall - Stone Wall - EZ

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Easy Scenery Guide

The main pieces/walls are 75mm x 75mm (3inch square) Sections with 'connectors' for each piece and 'fillers' to fill any connection holes you're not using. You can lay them all side by side or stack them up as high as you like. Add them to other sets.

While the Easy Scenery Kits can work with the legacy castle wall sections, and have been designed so the could fit beside them, they work best with all EZ sections and kits as they have the same fitting method which allows far greater variation and allows us to put any combination together. You could run a wall across a table which started as a medieval castle and worked it's way through different regional stone types of styles all the way to a fantasy tree city and it will still all fit!


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Apothecary Market Stall - Stone Wall

 A simple stall with potions and bowls built into the wall, part of a large market in the city or on the outside of a healer's home. Check out our EZ Apothecary.

Available individually or in a pack that contains 4 pieces. Each piece comes with 4 connectors and 4 fillers.

Supplied in unpainted resin. All our pieces are designed and made by us in house.

Please send us your pictures so we can show how you've used the products and other folks can see it in action too.
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