About us

We are a model scenery manufacturers and hobby retailers.

After years of modelling, tinkering and gaming we started making our own modelling products in 2014 and have quickly become a well known brand around the world, we offer competitive prices for quality exciting ways to make your modelling projects awesome! Now with the largest range of Static Grass Tufts in the world.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and unique products and offer a personalised and custom service for anyone who needs modelling products tailored for a specific project.

We offer wholesale and trade prices to shops, commission painters and anyone else who uses a lot of stuff to model away their time.

Most of all we are a couple who work and live together, we put our hearts into the business and really try to make new exciting products, we strive to keep ahead of the curve and always have something unique to offer.

We also love to hear from anyone about what they are up to and what they are working on, we love photos so send us a pic of your project.

Alex & Jess
Instagram: seriousplayscenics
twitter: @_SeriousPlay


Serious-Play, Dowren House, Foundry Lane, Haye, TR27 4HD